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Mike Robbo
This idiot's constant tapping made this video impossible to watch
Comment from : Mike Robbo

Jessie license
While applying my picture got a little fault but i took a new picture instantly at the office. In 3 weeks i received my Australian new passport thanks to the help of this vendor (702)9079165.
Comment from : Jessie license

Melisa Grace
Getting an Australian passport was one of the easiest documents i came accross all thanks to this legit vendor who facilitated the process just within a week.Whatsapp:+14123298388.
Comment from : Melisa Grace

OnBail productions
fuck me just jump in the ocean and swim wherever you want to go
Comment from : OnBail productions

drake nyenti
Getting an Australian passport is one of the easiest documents i came across thanks to this legit vendor +19089130608 who facilitated it
Comment from : drake nyenti

Happy Fox
the passport application procedure is much better these days, especially if you have government documents, just head onto their website, follow the prompts and you will have something printed out with a barcode along with list and a declaration signature so you will be able to smoothly apply for your first passport or even renew your current passport in the future.
Comment from : Happy Fox

Ber lin
Good for you
Comment from : Ber lin

sara jane
Text/whatsapp : +1 702 907 9165 recommended legit vendor. They made my new passport and surprisingly i travell with it passing all scan tests.
Comment from : sara jane

What a stupid fucking clip!
Comment from : GeorgiePie

Josh Godwin
when I did mine they rejected my photo as it had smirk, but got new photos done on the spot and got a passport 2-3weeks later.
Comment from : Josh Godwin

Ryan Bond
Thanks guys, super helpful, im not looking forward to the process though! Haha.

I wish u guys paused to show ur "bitch faces", i woulda been in stitches 😂

Comment from : Ryan Bond

Ralph Bartlett
fuck me! an Australian passport would be a fucking gift now! I need to get out of the us cause of trump, is there someone in Australia willing to exchange an Australian passport for a dirty us one?????
Comment from : Ralph Bartlett

Che Rie
You're so sweet. Everything is simple once you know how to do it. But not knowing can bring out fears and make it harder than it needs to be. Mental attitude is everything. Thank-you for taking the time to make this clip. Lol I just realised 2 years ago. I hope you had a great trip where ever you guys went. :)
Comment from : Che Rie

JR Sharma
Useless video .... everybody knows that
Comment from : JR Sharma

Asees khan
how long stay inn Australia and Gat passport ?
Comment from : Asees khan

Nifty Nick ROBLOX
For my passport came it took 3 weeks
Comment from : Nifty Nick ROBLOX

Michael Felix
how soon could i get the passport from the date i applied ??
Comment from : Michael Felix

Adam The Aussie
Then there's the little if you were born after the 20th August 1986 you have to prove that one or both parents were Australian citizens / residents at the time of your birth. Like me I was born in December 1986 and Mum's British and immigrated with Nan and Pop when she was 2 in 1968 so she had been in the country as a resident for 18 years but didn't become a citizen until 2002. SO I then had to get a copy of my Dad's birth certificate as him and mum split up when I was 2 and in the process found out he was dead so I couldn't get his Birth certificate from Births deaths marraiges NSW I had to get it from Victoria the state he was born in who wouldn't release it without the NSW issued death certificate who wouldn't release it due to privacy issues, So even though I was born in Penrith NSW and have an Australian Birth Certificate and all my Australian documentation and have never been out of the country I then had to apply for my "Australian Citizenship" as under the stupid citizenship act 2007 which states if you were born after the 20th August 1986 even if born in Australia to one Australian Parent you are not automatically entitled to Australian citizenship despite being born here with one or both Australian Parents. So I then had to get an Australian citizenship certificate to then send off with the application to state I was eligible for a Passport only for DFAT and APIS to ask why I had an Australian Birth Certificate issued in Janurary 1987 and born in December 1986 and an Australian Citizenship certificate issued in 2015 so I explained the lot to them and they were like OK fair enough. So 23 months 2 weeks and 4 days later I got my passport all because of that 1 tiny line in the citizenship act 2007 stating "If you were born on or after the 20th August 1986 you must prove that at least one parent was a permanent Australian resident or Citizen at the time of your birth" So even as an Australian Born and bred due to that one line it made it a 2 year fight for a passport and I now thankfully have it despite A LOT of red tape and I know of 2 other guys the same age or younger even when they supplied documents proving both Parents were Australian Citizens / residents when they were born have been knocked back and had to go through all the red tape. So I had a 2 year fight to get mine being born after the 20th August 1986 as I was on the 19th of December 1986 due to that small bit of leglislation it took me 2 years to get my passport where my sister born on the 2nd of March 1985 to the same parents got her's jut like that within 3 weeks. Funny how that happens but oh well you just have to do what you have to do to get it legally of course.
Comment from : Adam The Aussie

ishaan Shire
but why USA kept Australian passport Under VISA WAIVERS passports while Australian passport is an international Passport? even the British passport as well, my cousins, uncles and aunts are NEW ZEALANDERS, AUSTRALIANS and BRITISH citizens while visiting us in the STATES, they should apply ESTA (Electronic system for travel Authorization) on online. cant they enter to the STATES without it, i WONDER why?
Comment from : ishaan Shire

So you have a 2 day or a 4 (potentially 4+) week turn around. Why not something in between?
Comment from : modvs1

just get a embassy if your gonna move to Australia don't take your photo too serouisly im 12 if you first have a passport
Comment from : Wolfralis

i have a Australian passport because I got it overseas as embassy in Vietnam when I was little now I live in Australia and china
Comment from : Wolfralis

How did you get into Australia
I need Australian passport too

Comment from : Stoopid

Jose  Quintero
Have you seen all of your country?
Comment from : Jose Quintero

Jose  Quintero
I would like to travel to Australia some day.... it's a big country lol
Comment from : Jose Quintero

Jose  Quintero
Great video. My question is once you obtain an Australian passport, could you travel freely to any country that you wish or am I wrong?
Comment from : Jose Quintero

Mohammed Ouansa
.Mr. and Lady
Thanks for Page
I want to have a Australian Passport
I live in Algeria and worker  in Algeria and my name Mohammed 29 years old
 deaf, dumb. 80 / 100
Work at the University.
Science and Nature Life
Rank. Professional workers from the first level - Contracting
Starting from.15.06.2014 to the day
I want to have a Australian Passport
How do I do

Comment from : Mohammed Ouansa

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